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Posted by peter Scalcione 
January 03, 2001 04:09PM
Antonio Stazzonelli arrived Albany,W. Australia on May 6,1913 on ship VILLE DE LA CISTCH out of Marseilles. Family in USA seeks contact with subject and family.
Re: Stazzonelli
November 29, 2010 05:56AM
Hi Peter,
i would like to introduce myself, i am the grandaughter of Antonio Stazzonelli, maybe im not the one your looking for, as i dont have a great deal on Grandfather, but i will tell you what i know.I do remember mum saying that granddad had 2 trips to australia, hea was sent out here, then made his way back to italy bit what he didnt know that his dad was visiting his brother around Siscily, and when Antonoi got of the boat grandfather met him and put him on the next ship back to australia,
From what my mother told me, grandfather was sent out from italy at a young age,by his father, suposably to live with an uncle of his,, antonio met up with my grandmother Ivy,( nee Helson) Truscott who as i gather was still living with her first husband, ........Truscott in the Boulder /kalgoorlie area, anyway when Truscott died, grandmother Ivy married Antonio Stazzonelli, some of the children. are Eva Guiditta , who was my mother, Alan, Leo, Ero(also know as Beau) Beryl ,Clarise and i think she mentioned another child, but not sure if the childs name was victoria rose or rose victoria, who apparently died real young.. i would love to hear back from you as (my family) would love to know more about our italian family..My email adress is shirley_douglas@hotmail.com
If you are part of my long lost family i would very much love to hear from you
Thankyou for reading my letter
God Bless
Shirley Douglas
Re: Stazzonelli
December 23, 2010 04:44AM
Dear Mr Scalcione.
Thankyou very much for your message, as i have been of the site for some time, i only just found the message, and thankyou so much...That is my Grandfather.Though i dont have any photo's of him any more as the paper work was destroyed when my home was broken into.. But thankyou very much for that information,, also i give you permission to forward my email address and my home address to the family in the USA who would like to hear from my family
Mrs Shirley Douglas
20 Baryna Street
Armadale 6112
Western Australia
Re: Stazzonelli
May 16, 2011 11:42PM
Shirley- I don't know if you remember me but I'm Beryl's son Russell. We used to live down the street from each other when you lived in Tuart Hill. I live in Virginia USA now and one of my boys (I have three of them) found this web site. I don't know if you heard from Peter but it's interesting that he lives in the US.

I'd love to learn more about Antonio since Beryl doesn't like to talk much about her past. She did tell me your Mum passed away a few years back. I was very sorry to learn this, she was nice lady.

Hope all is well

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