French Polynesia

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French Polynesia consists of five island groups: The Society Islands; The Marquesas Archipelago ("Hiva"); The Tuamotu Archipelago; The Austral Islands; and Mangareva (also known as the Gambier Islands). The five stars on the flag represent these five divisions. A similar flag for Mangareva is in use with horizontal white-light blue-white equalsized parallel stripes with five stars on it. Mangareva is, however, the smallest unit of the French Territory in both population and size.

The FranceGenWeb Project maintains a website for French Polynesia that you will want to visit.

The Islands of French Polynesia

French Polynesia is made up of several smaller groups of islands.

The Society Islands
  • Bora Bora - 260 miles northwest of Tahiti - US based here in WWII
  • Huahine - 170 miles northwest of Tahiti - its name means pregnant woman
  • Maiao - 71 miles east of Tahiti - 220 people living in 7 villages
  • Manuae - about 100 miles east of Bora Bora - mostly uninhabited
  • Maupelia - about 100 miles east of Bora Bora - mostly uninhabited
  • Maupiti - 30 miles west of Bora Bora - 960 people live there
  • Mehetia - 94 miles east of Tahiti - uninhabited
  • Moorea
  • Motu Iti Atoll
  • Motu One - about 100 miles east of Bora Bora - mostly uninhabited
  • Tahaa
  • Tahiti - largest island in French Polynesia
  • Tetiaroa - 30 miles north of Tahiti - 30 people and one hotel
  • Tupai - 10 miles north of Bora Bora - about the same size as Maupiti
  • Raiatea
Marquesas Islands
  • Hiva Oa
  • Nuku Hiva
  • Fatu Hiva
  • Ua Pou
Tuamotu Atolls
  • Manihi
  • Rangiroa
Austral Islands
  • Rurutu - about 500 kilometers south of Tahiti
  • Tubuai - about 500 kilometer south of Tahiti
Gambier Islands
  • Mangareva - the smallest French territory

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